Our machines

Based on our patented technology, Signascript signing machines faithfully reproduce signatures and handwriting to your correspondence more efficient and authenticate your official documents.

Working with any type of document, our machines write equally letters, envelopes, invitation cards, photos, greeting cards, diplomas ..., with any type of pen (pen, ball, roller, felt, etc.), and any color. Their usage is not limited to an administrative tasks and allow you to develop an effective correspondence and a better image thanks to the handwriting.

Our new generation of machines features many improvements:

  • Enlarged writing area
  • Faster writing speed
  • Reinforced security
  • Enhanced ease of use
  • Smaller size
  • Energy efficient
  • Silence in operation improved

We process your signatures from the authorization form you send us. Then we return you secure files that can only be read by your own machine. Even better in terms of security, your machine can work standalone and only with your own USB key.

All our products are designed and manufactured in France.

Manual document feeding

Our manual machines are very easy to use and flexible. The user can just put document of any type, size and thickness under the pen. They are ideal for signing letters with content varying from one sheet to another, letter files, stapled or not, books, etc.

Automated document feeding

The automatic machines have a sheet feeder that can hold up to 700 80g pages. Ideal for intensive use, they accept most sizes and thicknesses of paper to sign and write text, up to hundreds documents per hour.

Direct marketing

Including both a computer-based software suite and writing machines, our direct marketing solutions are the most comprehensive products on the market. You can automatically write custom texts and addresses from your databases. With our our fonts included, you can combine text with your signature, and thereby improve the efficiency of your market research and the customer relationship.