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UniProd solution for direct marketing

Made of the machine and its software, the UniProd solution is designed to meet the challenges of the direct marketing industry. When prospecting and customer loyalty actions become generic and impersonal, the return rate of such campaigns get very low. Personalized handwritten documents is an answer to this problem.

Thanks to its paper feeder suitable for cardboard boxes, envelopes and documents of any size up to A3, the UniProd machine is able to write automatically with a real pen, personalized texts and addresses from your client files. Using our computer-based software suite, your can create your templates and apply one of our handwriting fonts to your data to produce highly customized documents that, unlike generic letters, will be opened and read by your recipients.

Featuring an LCD touch screen, the UniProd allows the user to directly select and preview the signature / text files stored on the USB key. Its feeder and the system for moving the writing head allow a great freedom in placing texts on the paper, and write different paragraphs of a letter for instance.

This hardware and software solution is only available for rent.


Reproduction of signatures, texts, drawings, etc.
Writing area 18 x 9 cm
Compatible any pen (diameter up to 16mm)
Adjustable pen pressure
Configurable write speed
Automatic paper feeder with loading capacity up to 700 sheets A4 80g
USB key support (standard and secure)
Encrypted signature/text files which use can be limited on a single machine
Multiple text/signature files per USB key
LCD touch screen and on-screen signature preview
Resizing, rotating and distortion of signature directly on machine
Signature with random changes of pen strokes
100 managed users
Password protected
Usage counters
Usage log (Account, signature, date and time)
Size 31x34x18 cm
Weight 30 kg
External power supply (CE standard) 60W
Product made in France
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