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Pacific manual signing machine

The Pacific signing machine is the most advanced of our manual ones, with advanced security features to limit access and monitor its use. The administrator can create up to a hundred different user accounts, each of which is protected by a unique alphanumeric password. The administrator can access the machine usage logs anytime.

Featuring an LCD touch screen, the Pacific machine allows the user to directly select and preview the signature files stored on the USB key. In addition, it has advanced editing features such as resizing, rotating, and distorting directly on the machine. It is thus possible to change the size of a signature and adapt it to the document format without a computer. Finally, the Pacific has an innovative feature of  random changes of pen strokes so that two consecutive documents do not show exactly the same signature.

Like the Atlantic, the user puts the document under the pen and presses the button or the optional pedal to make the machine sign. Unlike the Atlantic, the Pacific has a semi-automatic mode: the machine triggers the signing at regular time intervals, making it easier to sign multiple documents.

Its small size (31x34x18 cm) and its light weight (7 kg) allow a secure and easy storage.

This model is available for purchase and rental. The guarantee period can also be extended by subscribing an annual maintenance contract.


Reproduction of signatures, texts, drawings, etc.
Writing area 18 x 9 cm
Compatible any pen (diameter up to 16mm)
Adjustable pen pressure
Configurable write speed
USB key support (standard and secure)
Encrypted signature/text files which use be limited on a single machine
Multiple text/signature files per USB key
LCD touch screen and on-screen signature preview
Resizing, rotating and distortion of signature directly on machine
Signature with random changes of pen strokes
100 managed users
Password protected
Usage counters
Usage log (Account, signature, date and time)
Size 31x34x18 cm
Weight 7 kg
External power supply (CE standard) 60W
Product made in France
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