How we proceed

1. Customer request & quote

In order to make a quotation, we ask you to describe the work you would like us to do for you,  the pens to use (type and color) the documents' features, and of course the desired schedule.

For writing fixed elements (handwritten text same in all copies), please send us the design to reproduce life-size on the final document or model. When a signature is part of the work, you must fill in the authorization form.

For writing variable elements (e.g. addresses), please select one our handwriting fonts.

As soon as we get all the needed informations, we will be able to send you a quotation.


2. File formatting for variable contents

In order to write variable parts (names, addresses, etc.), please send us the data file in a Microsoft Excel compatible format. Please note that we will write the contents of your file identically, that is in the same letter case and with the same characters (accented or not).

Processing additional files or tabs in your Excel file, as well as reformatting the text (letter case, civility replacement, etc.) will be added to the quote.

Your file should only include information useful for the contracted work. Any other information should not appear or be clearly identified as not part of the work. Each column must match one information (courtesy, first name, last name...) or one line (e.g. one address line). Each line of the file must match a single contact. Cells must contain no carrier return (one line maximum in a cell).

If we do the stamping and your file contains addresses out of France, your file must be sorted to put these addresses at the top or at the end.

To comply to the EU GDPR, we grant you access to a secure platform for any file and data exchange.


3. Pass for press & approval

From your instructions and, if necessary from your data file, we make a "pass for press" that we ask you to approve before starting the production. The "pass for press" is done on the production documents that must have been delivered to us beforehand and in a higher amount than the production planned, and required for the "pass for press" and the machine's setup.

When we do insertion into envelopes  with reconciliation of the address and the enclosed document (e.g. a named letter and the handwritten address on the envelope), the personalized documents must be delivered to us in the same order as the data file.

When several documents have to be put into an envelope, we can also make a sample for you to approve  the order of insertion.


4. Production & Delivery

We produce the different parts  of your order and, according to your request, we send the handwritten documents to you or we post them directly.

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